See an inspiring piece, a friend posted on FB

Its high time we all realise we got a life to live. Hiding under ur phones won't save ur asses from

the real world out there. With all due respects to ya'll feelings ya'lll gotta grow up. Have always

wanted to live a good life and a dope life, u know money cars flashy girls,Be a Model also an OAP and most of all own a private jet mehn its not so easy when everytime am on my phone chatting with chidinma,esther,amina,favor all in one tryna set p, taking flashy pics for admiration on here. If its actually that's how it is ya'll know I will be richer than the owner of facebook himself buh the real world is outside der not on here the quick we realise the better fam. All those we admire on here got it good outside the world that's why they flaunt it and we that don't have. At all we gotta do is admire them and crave for something like that are we really working for that. We Always keep dreaming dreaming that's all we do bruh dreams. Time to live ur dreams and don't let the social media tell u why u can't live ur dreams by spending more than 15hrs of ur time on here u'll be better off doing something good with that or rather u try and earn money from it, u can earn on facebook too good cash if u wanna know how to u ask. Do something Good and Don't just be there admiring someone who is doing good and try and be U the one living that Good. Its High time u realise this. Have never done this kinda talk before cuz am here posting jokes which aint even funny buh thanks for the LOLs and Lwkmd buh for once am being real withya cuz I know why am saying this most of us are lost we gotta find ourselves.
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