I was talking to a friend and she told me that what
she wanted most in a relationship was strength. This
one really got to me in a big way. Now I don't mean
the physical, macho, do-all kind of strength but I'm
talking of the emotional strength, the strength of
personality and of character.

You know we often claim to be strong people but it's
worth reconsidering. It often strikes me how people
who seem so rock-solid-strong flinch at the slightest
sign of conflict and disaster. Can we really exude
strength in the fiercest of conflicts? In the hardest of
pain? Or in the biggest of disappointment? I've heard
that tough times don't last but tough people do.
Sometimes want to hide from our fears and stay in
the comfort zone, in our little bubble where we'll have
it nice and easy without hassles. As good as that
may seem, it's a recipe for death; death of life, of
dreams, of purpose and of potentials, death of
everything that could have been at the expense of a
little comfort.
Yes it's hard all around and it's going to get harder
so we've got to step up our game. Notice how the
postage stamp never leaves the mailbag but hangs in
there until it reaches its destination. Let's not be like
the man who went digging for gold with all
enthusiasm he seemed so strong when he started
digging. As he went further he met with obstacle
upon obstacle that seemed unending and after
digging for so long he tired out and gave up the toil.
If only he had endured six inches more; perhaps he
gave up too soon.
The strength is in the mind and is within you!
Believe it!
Live fulfilled!
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