BossCulture Session with Baba(90year old)

You see my children whatever I tell you, whatever i teach you, i did not study from books, they are all my
experiences and also other peoples. A wise man once said "Learning from people's experience is true wisdom. Nothing has changed, you see this sun shinning today, it is the same sun that gave us light during our childhood days. Same principles that worked for us will surely work for you.

Sometimes in life, things don't go as planned. Things sometimes fall apart, we experience some sort of delay at one point or another. Sometimes it feel as if God is far, as if we have been abandoned and forgotten. I tell you my children out of years of experience "Wait" God is cooking something.

When we compare ourselves to others maybe those in our age bracket, where they're as compared to where we are, it seems as if we're failling, it seems as if we're behind but "No" you're not.

****clears throat****
My children, you see the mistake most of us make is that we think our lives and achievements are measured in "Time and Space" that's deception, we're seeds of eternity. I'll speak extensively on that during our next Session.

You see my children, Never compare yourself with another-Never, Never. We're all running different templates for our lives, travelling different roads, fulfilling different assignments.
My sons and daughters, all am saying is "WAIT" stay with God, stand with Him.
******read on*****
You see your generation is one that wants everything done instantly. You hear of fast foods, instant noodles, get rich quick schemes e.t.c. From experience whatever stands the test of time is formed over time.
hildren Wait
Children Wait on God.
*****coughs and returns to hut.
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