Be inspired. Clear cut difference between the whites and Blacks

1, Take a closer look at those girls behind President Obama, those girls are the daughters of the strongest man on earth.
Very simple and descent dresses, no heavy make ups, no gold chains or jewelries , normal hand bags and flat sandals but yet they are the daughters of Obama.

2, This man on bicycle isn't a cyclist or a courier man, his name is Boris Johnson. He is the mayor of London. He rides his bicycle to work daily. Do u knw what it is to be the mayor of London?

4, Take a closer look at the man buying fuel , he isn't a taxi driver, nor a pump attendant. That man is Putin of Russia, one of the strongest men alive now buying his fuel by himself.

Men that the whole world shakes when they sneezes ,living a very simple and humble life.
Now compare this with what we see or practice here in Nigeria, where an ordinary councillor will wish to move with an entourage of cars, sirens and heavy armed securities.
Where the wife of our President will cause a heavy traffic jam simply because she needs to make her hair.
Where the wife of our president will wear a Cartier watch of almost 10million naira yet her husband will be claiming he is a poor man.
Where the daughter of our president will walk into a shop and order everyone out simply because she needs to shop.
Where the son of a governor will order everyone in a beer parlour out because he wants to drink a bottle of beer .
Where our pastors are all carried away by the material blessings attached to ministration that they no longer preach salvation but prosperity.
I used 'we' or 'our' so that you will know that am also a part of it.
These pictures left me with no words than for me to just say that the oyibo man is a unique and special breed.

We adopted the white mans language, dressing etc but left the most important ones. SIMPLICITY...
Before Nigeria will change, we all need individual changes

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