Be a boss: See 8 Things You Must do in Your Twenties

Your twenties are an adventurous decade where you
begin the journey to self-discovery and also have the
most fun. Therefore the habits you pick and choices you
make in your twenties are largely dependent on your
future success.
Of course when you’re in your twenties, it is easy to
assume you have it all figured out only to have Life slap
you back down with a humbling reality check. So, if you
want to set the foundation for a well-lived life from your
twenties, here are a few advices to implement.

Write a letter to your future self.
Pen your future self a
note talking about all you hope to achieve and read it
several years from now. It will serve as a nice memoir;
you may be surprised at what your younger self had to

Learn A New Skill
Learn to code, play a music
instrument, pick up a new language etc. Picking up a
new skill may be hard, but it is well worth it.
Learn time and money management skills. Master the
delicate art of planning ahead as this would help you
personally and business wise. Budget your time and
financial resources in your twenties and you will save
yourself a boatload of stress over the course of your

Start saving for your retirement early.
The earlier you
begin to save for your retirement, the more money you’ll
have for a comfortable life at retirement. When you land
your first paying job, ensure you sign up for a retirement
plan and if you’re currently working without a retirement
plan, contact the many options of Saving Schemes such as Palhub.

As much as you can afford, travel. Explore other
tribes and countries learn their culture and background
wherever you go. The idea is to be comfortable outside
your comfort zone and have a global perspective with
the ability to communicate with different kinds of people
in the globalized world.

Learn to network. Regardless of being an introvert or
not, it is important that you learn the skilful art of
networking when young. The crop of connections you
make early may well determine the kinds of jobs that
come your way and even to the choice of a life partner
Determine your passion and life goals
It is quite easy
to get swayed when you land that great paying job and
totally side line your passion and goals. Find out what
your purpose is and how you can make a mark in the
world. Also, your twenties is a good time to decide if
you will retire young, the number of kids you’ll have, etc

Have Fun.
If you can’t party hard when young, then when
can you? Don’t be a sourpuss in your twenties only for
you to realize you took yourself too serious. There is
absolutely nothing wrong with partying, losing sleep to
have weird adventures with friends. Your youth is the
best time to learn the importance of moderation,
responsibility and sustainability.


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