When they say “A is for God, B is for me, C and below
is for you.”

2. When they say you can’t graduate with a first class
because they didn’t.
See me see trouble.

3. When they start boasting about the failure rate of their
You’re proud of that?

4. When they are still teaching you from the same notes
they wrote 20 years ago.
Na wa.

5. Whenever they say “I’m begging you now so you will
not beg me later.”
Just know nobody is getting an A.

6. When you ask them for area of concentration.
You’ll be lucky if the questions even come out of their

7. How they set questions:
Jisos! (Colours)

8. When you try to correct them in class.
No vex.

9. When it’s been one hour and they haven’t been
unreasonable yet.
They can’t help it.

10. Nigerian lecturers and selling you handouts by force.
Buy or Fail

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